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    Welcome to MumAbroad Life, the blog of MumAbroad where women from all over Europe share their experiences of relocating abroad. We don't mind if they are upbeat or downright miserable - we just want you to share what you have learned with all of us! You can get in touch with us by emailing us at info@mumabroad.com Enjoy the blog!

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  • Adrienne Walder

    Adrienne moved from the UK to Hong Kong with her husband at the start of 2013, leaving behind a successful 20 year career in marketing. She has documented her quest for a more exhilarating lifestyle on her blog http://dreamscheming.blogspot.com. During the week Adrienne teaches English at a local kindergarten and provides freelance marketing services and at the weekend, she sails.

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  • Andrea Camerota

    Andrea lives in small town in the north of Perugia with her husband and their twin daughters born in 2000. Andrea runs a property management business, Rest Assured Rentals, helping owners with the day to day running of their holiday homes. Andrea is MumAbroad's micro-manager for Perugia & Umbria.

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  • Annette Pacey

    Originally from New Zealand, Annette first came to Barcelona in 2001 and has lived there permanently since 2010. Along the way she’s collected a master’s degree in International Relations, a career in hospitality, a daughter, a husband and a cat. These days she runs the blog barcelonafamilylife.com for international families in Barcelona and is a contributing writer for The Japan Times, Catalonia Today and Barcelona Metropolitan. She writes mostly about education, politics, feminism and intriguing people.

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  • Carrie Frais

    Carrie is a trained journalist having worked for some of the world's leading broadcasters. Her passion for Spain ultimately took her back to Barcelona, taking her then boyfriend (now husband). A mum-of-two, she established MumAbroad with her friend Rebecca Laidlaw in 2007. Carrie is also co-founder of FiG, an independent creative agency based in Barcelona.

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  • Chontelle Bonfiglio

    Based in Italy, Chontelle is an Australian mum with an educational background in Social Science, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Having extensively studied and researched the great benefits of raising bilingual children, she is working on giving that gift to her own children. You can read more at https://bilingualkidspot.com/about/

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  • Diane Serra

    Diane Serra is a designer and creative director from San Diego, California now living in Olivella, Catalunya, Spain with her Catalan husband, daughter, Estel and white boxer, Ona. Diane's work has been featured in Openhouse Magazine, WestElm, and more. See her latest creative projects, collaborations and events by following her Instagram @dianeserra or by visiting her website at www.dianeserradesigner.com

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  • Dominique White

    Dominique is a freelance community manager, content advisor and translator who is passionate about children’s literature. Born and bred in the UK, Dominique caught the “millennium bug” in the year 2000 and moved to Madrid, from where she enthusiastically advises on bilingual parenting & education, global skills for children and integration as an ex-pat. Follow Dominique on Twitter: @sanchienglish

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  • Elizabeth Heath

    Elizabeth Heath, is a U.S. born writer, blogger and editor now living in central Italy. My Village in Umbria is her personal blog chronicling life as an expat, writer, spouse, mom and completely partial observant in rural Italy. Liz writes about the peculiarities of life in the Italian countryside, the good, the bad, the comical and the bittersweet.

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  • Emma Cuthbertson

    Emma, originally from Cornwall in the UK, runs La Piccola Agency, a boutique Marketing and PR agency in Lombardy, Italy. Emma's background is marketing communications and PR in the IT sector. She has lived and worked in Barcelona, London and Milan. Emma currently lives on Lake Garda with her husband and two young children.

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  • Emmy Yoshida

    Emmy is an author, single mother and founder of International Babysitters, a professional babysitting agency specialising in multilingual childcare in Florence, Italy. She is also a regular writer for The Florentine newspaper and manages the MumAbroad Florence pages.

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  • Erica Barlow

    In the last 7 years Erica, mother-of-two and wife-of-one, moved from London to Sydney, changed careers, had two children and then relocated once more to Granada, Spain. Her blog about family life in Spain is Here's Looking at You, Baby!

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  • Fleur Fields

    Fleur moved from the UK after giving up a much-loved career to bring up her children abroad. Fleur says that she and her husband 'naively' thought living abroad would be the same as travelling/working overseas, which they had already experienced. After struggling with the adaptation process, Fleur says she would now struggle to leave Catalunya after falling in love with the life and people. She has re-invented herself as a writer and blogger.

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  • Ilonka Schaefer

    Ilonka Schaefer is a mother of two and founder of The Little Voyager, born from the love of visiting new places and discovering different cultures. The website which recommends stylish, family-friendly holiday accommodation combines Ilonka's passion for travel with helping others to plan the ideal family holiday. www.thelittlevoyager.com

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  • Jane Mitchell

    Jane has been living in Catalunya since 2003 with her Italian husband and 3 children. For the past 8 years home has been the small village of Alella just north of Barcelona on the Maresme coast. She is Associate Director at MumAbroad.

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  • Julia

    Julia is the mother of a little girl and is Founder of Travelingkinder, a blog giving tips about child-friendly holiday destinations. She was born in Bavaria, studied in the Netherlands and now lives in Cologne in Germany. With her blog she hopes to inspire other parents to show their kids the world. You can read more at www.travelingkinder.com

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  • Karen Axmaker Francisco

    After restoring a century old home in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and two small boys Karen's life was turned upside down when her husband died suddenly. Choosing that the best medicine for their heartache was exploration Karen sold it all and moved her family to Spain. Here she commits her time to multiple Spanish classes, enjoying the beautiful weather and writing her blog, myyearwithoutyou.com.

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  • Lynn Schreiber

    Lynn Schreiber is a freelance writer, and social media trainer. She has a particular interest in the rights of women and girls, and in 2012 founded Jump! Mag, an online resource blog with focus on non-gendered, girl-positive content. In 2015 she launched Jump! Parents, a website for parents of tweens and teens. She likes writing, reading, twitter and chocolate and dislikes negative and angry people.

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  • Melanie Fieseler

    After several years as a Berlin-based stay-at-home mum, Melanie found herself asking a question familiar to many mothers, “What’s my next chapter?”. Her answer became WorkSmart, the organisation she founded in 2013 that’s focused on helping women across Germany reconnect to their professional selves after having children, and build fabulous careers that fit around the family. She lives by the motto "I can and I will. Watch me!' www.worksmartgermany.de.

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  • Michelle Damiani

    Michelle Damiani is an American (born in Panama) writer and psychologist who moved to Spello, Italy in 2012. She chronicled her insecurity with language and adapting to a new culture, while also navigating the murky waters of parenting three children on foreign soil, in her blog, Il Bel Centro. When not writing or parenting, she enjoys experimenting with novel local recipes and exploring what’s around the next corner. Her book about her family’s life in Italy, Il Bel Centro: A Year in the Beautiful Center, is now available on Amazon. www.michelledamiani.com

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  • Millie Slavidou

    Millie Slavidou is a British writer and translator living and working in Greece. She writes about etymology, bilingualism and linguistics on Jump! Mag and on Glossologics Her popular InstaExplorer series follows adventurous teen Lucy Evans on her journeys around the world. Aimed at children aged 8 years and over, the books are available in print and as eBooks.

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  • Rebecca Laidlaw

    Rebecca Laidlaw currently lives in Oxfordshire with her 3 children. Having studied German at university, Rebecca moved to Vienna for 4 years and then relocated to Sitges where she lived for 10 years. After the birth of her first child in Barcelona in 2007 she co-founded the MumAbroad sites with friend Carrie Frais. Now back in the UK Rebecca maintains strong links with her personal and business contacts in Spain and works in marketing across the EMEA region.

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  • Rita Goldstein-Galperin

    Rita Golstein-Galperin is a Career Makeover Strategist® for expat women and the founder of Expat Renaissance. A serial expat from childhood, she is now a multicultural mom in Paris and a passionate lover of all chocolate:) She is also an author, entrepreneur, public speaker and a career and business coach for expats, striving to help women around the world redefine and reinvent their success abroad.

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  • Sophie Russell Ross

    Sophie is an ex-rat race English expat living with her 5 year old daughter and partner up a mountain in Spain since 2009. Based in La Alpujarra, the Southern foothills of the Sierra Nevada, she is a freelance writer and blogger and Co-Creator of GranadaSpain.co.uk. In her previous lives she worked in event production and marketing in Hong Kong and London. She also blogs at bibsey.co.uk about motherhood and expat life in Granada.

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  • Tania Landin

    Tania is the co-founder of Around the World Stories, a company offering original audio stories to teach children about other cultures in a fun and memorable way. Tania is a former high school teacher and mother/homeschooler to three girls. She recently left her home in America to travel with her husband, daughters and Labradoodle for one year through Europe, and to write stories about the various countries they visit along the way. You can read more at www.aroundtheworldstories.com

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  • Tara Stevens

    Tara has been based in Barcelona for the last 14 years. She writes about food and travel for the Guardian, the Telegraph and Conde Nast Traveler among others, and is never happier than when prowling a local market or holed-up in a local bar or restaurant somewhere tucking into something delicious. Tara also does cooking workshops at her home in Fez tarastevens@gmail.com

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