• Calm after chaos: the surprise twins who turned my midlife on its head

    “While my three beautiful girls may not have the unified family I’d so desperately wanted for them, they have something I believe is far more valuable: a happier, healthier mother whose spirit is strong again”

  • Gypsy Westwood in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

    Mother and Photographer Gypsy Westwood talks about life on the Island of Ibiza and the changes she has seen in the past 10 years.

  • My year without alcohol

    “I am the most positive, happiest and bravest I have been in my entire life. How I feel on the inside has been reflected on the outside and people are constantly commenting on how great I look now” An inspiring journey to sobriety by Adrienne Walder.

  • Sabrina Ridaura on feeling confident, strong, healthy and happy

    Sabrina Ridaura left Venezuela, her home country, almost 10 years ago to travel the world along with her family. Here she talks to MumAbroad Life about her passion for a healthy lifestyle and how and why she founded BodyGlow Fitness & Nutrition.

  • Yasmina Old talks about dreams, desires and Doterra essential oils

    Yasmina Old is a mum of five and lives north of Girona in the Alt Emporda region. She runs workshops empowering people to take care of their health naturally, using essential oils and good nutrition. She talks to MumAbroad Life about finding herself after 15 years of being a housewife and mother.

  • Forging a new career at nearly 50 years!

    “A celebrant is able to provide ceremonies for any of life’s rituals and more! We have the best job in the world and get involved in people’s lives at their most wonderful or their most intense moments.” Celebrant Glynis German in Mallorca

  • Trying to find the perfect school

    Annette Pacey grew up in New Zealand but has spent most of her adult life between the UK and Spain. She currently lives with her Spanish husband and young daughter in Barcelona, where she writes a blog, Barcelona Family Life.

  • Mumpreneur Sarah Gemba tells us about her life as a mum abroad in Seville

    “Relocating to a new country and adapting to a new culture takes patience and understanding – the locals won’t always do things the way you are used to them being done back home and that’s OK.”

  • Sometimes being a mum is just not quite enough

    “I needed them as much as they needed me. It gave me a circle of friends, confidence and that rewarding feeling you get when you can give something back to the community that you live in and watch the future generation grow.”

  • Create your own little bit of Barcelona to take home with you

    Angelika Heinbach, owner of Mosaiccos, talks to MumAbroad Life about her passion for Gaudi’s architecture and design why she set up her business.

  • On The Attitude to Children in Spain

    “Kids are practically VIPs here in every social setting. In a tapas restaurant the other day, the waiter bent down to my children’s level, took both their hands and whisked them off behind the bar. They chortled with delight and re-emerged moments later with a chocolate treat each.”

  • A coworking space with a difference in the heart of Granada

    “From the beginning CoFamily has been a space for meetings and events that are always related to maternal entrepreneurship or activities for families. Throughout the year we offer workshops focused on learning for both families and children.”