• Adventures in Language

    Expat Mum Fleur Fields highlights the ups and downs of learning new language (with a little help from Shakira).

  • The perks and quirks of having a baby in Spain

    Being an expat new mother comes along with a whole host of new challenges and cultural conventions to get used to. Here are 10 things you should know.

  • The trouble with kissing

    Social customs can be challenging when moving to a new country and trying to embrace a new culture. Fleur Fields discovers the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the social kiss……..

  • Children need stories – you too!

    Sheryl Scharschmidt recently gave up her career as a nursery teacher to concentrate on her passion for storytelling for children. Here she tells us why she believes we should always harbour the ‘child’ in you.

  • A mother’s love. One woman’s story of grief, living away from ‘home’.

    MumAbroad co-founder Carrie Frais describes the day she heard her mum had passed away and how, after the initial shock and despair, came to terms with her loss and is back on a positive path once again.

  • Time to breathe…..

    This week as I careered through Barcelona centre juggling a silly schedule; work, doctor’s appointments, children’s birthday preparations (you know how it is; we are all busy right?) I was surprised to find myself with an imposed hour between appointments.

  • Relocation Pain – The ups and downs of the path of integration in Catalunya, Spain

    “… if you really want to establish a life abroad; deeply embedded in the community and you want to feel like you belong, well this is when it will get hard. There will be twists and turns along the way and days like I’m having today!”

  • All aboard! Or all bored? The highs & lows of travelling with kids

    “When I see my kids screaming and shouting now on the half hour journey from Sitges to Barcelona I am amazed to think my kids did the travelling they did. Never were we in a bus for less than 8 hours….”

  • From model agency to model expat. Falling in love in more ways than one.

    “After meeting my partner Guillaume 16 years ago while working in the kids club at Club Med…I had no idea the adventure that lay ahead for us both. Little did I know we would end up living and working together in Barcelona, with our 2 children.”