• The Importance of Sleep

    Amelia Hunter shares her journey: her own exhausting experience with a newborn who wouldn’t sleep led her to become a professional Sleep Consultant.

  • Where to find legal advice in English in Madrid

    “Lawyers aren’t just there to sort out the mess, they are there to try and prevent the mess happening in the first place.” Fiona Borthwick – Lawyer

  • Creating a climate of questioning

    Headteacher Audrey Reeder looks at the best ways to teach children how to create a dialogue and think creatively about a situation.

  • Regaining passion and intimacy with your partner

    In the reality of everyday life – juggling children’s actives, the school run and work – finding time to be intimate with your partner can be a complicated goal to achieve.

  • Kids and Coding

    “It’s an initiative to get more kids into digital creativeness. To help them discover that you can create things yourself and not only be a consumer of the technological world.”

  • Child-friendly Madrid

    “I find that opening art to children is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling as they are exposed to new images and compositions that they decode in very original ways.”

  • Promoting Preventative Healthcare

    “Being a mother to 3 girls led me to look for support in the society around me.”

  • Beautiful big faces

    “I used to paint until much later in the evening and I miss the quiet of that time of day to be creative, but I’m happy to do family things instead and feel like I get enough time to do my work.”

  • 10 fun things to do with kids in Granada at Christmas

    10 great things to do with kids this Christmas in and around Granada from visiting Juveandalus, Granada’s three week annual Feria of Childhood and Youth to skiing in the Sierra Nevada, Europe’s most southerly ski resort where blue sky days are virtually guaranteed.

  • Great Family-Friendly Restaurants Across Spain

    One of the greatest lifestyle perks of living in Spain (other than it’s majestic coastline and landscape, year-round sunshine and spectacular gastronomy of course) has to be the nation’s relaxed, inclusive attitude to children. From beachfront gems (ideal for a glass of sangria with your sandcastle), to restaurants fully equipped with adventure playgrounds and toddler scooter ramps(!), here is a great choice of family-friendly restaurants across Spain.

  • Bilingualism Myth Buster – Children are Sponges!

    “Our kids have gone from being English speakers, to German speakers, to French speakers and now back to English speakers. I realise that this is probably quite unusual, but it has given me some insight into the learning of languages, and what slumbers inside them.”

  • International School versus Public School in Spain

    With an almost overwhelming selection of reputable International and Public schools across Spain, knowing where to begin your search can feel daunting. International families relocating to Spain have often hotly debated whether it is more beneficial to follow the local Spanish or Catalan system, or to enter the more flexible (but at times costly) international school system.