• A Calabrian Christmas: let the eating begin!

    “For the Calabrese, food is life. When they aren’t eating, they are thinking about, or planning their next meal. Christmas time in Calabria is like heaven on a plate.”

  • Interview with pioneer midwife Verena Schmid

    “We focus not on risks but on resources and how to improve them. We apply positive communication to see the best, not the worst. We lead women back to their body and self-knowledge.”

  • Raising Children in Italy – 6 ways I am not like the average Italian mother

    “When I go home to visit my family in Australia they tell me I have become more Italian when it comes to parenting, yet when I am in Italy parents tell me that I am very Australian. I guess I have adapted a little and I am a bit in the middle.”

  • 7 tips to help you take better pictures of your kids

    Mum and photographer Raquel Ferreirinha, who moved from Berlin to Dublin and now lives in Italy in a house on a hill by the Adriatic sea, talks to MumAbroad about how to photograph children.

  • When Family Life is an Adventure

    Linda Martinez and her husband opened The Beehive in 1999: a place where they connect their love of Rome and their own personal passions and interests with their guests and their community.

  • The moment you realise you have made it

    The final part of our Female, Foreign and an Entrepreneur in Italy series. From a dentist and a wedding planner to an architect and hotelier this series explores the great and not so great of doing business in Italy.

  • Hospital Tales: “All The Single Ladies in the Mountains of Trentino”

    My hospital roommate is one of 4 sisters; 3 still to marry and 1 a widow I was told. Coincidentally their Mum was also called Emma. I guess their collective age together, on the conservative side, must be coming on for around 350 years.

  • Expat lessons from my five-year-old

    “Rather than going through the motions and just accepting things, without making an effort to change and adapt, you can embrace your inner child and get out there.”

  • Meandering through Veneto

    Five nights without our children – we chose to visit Veneto. Christian, my Italian husband, planned the route (according to his love of wine, childhood memories and recommendations from our friends) and I had chosen the accommodation.

  • 5 Top Tips for moving abroad with children

    Learning about the new culture and engaging with your new community can help children to adapt and have a smoother transition.

  • I am a product of the EU

    “The EU was the springboard into my adult working life and the foundation upon which my career, marriage, family and friendships have been built on.”

  • Granny au pairs sought for their wisdom and sense of adventure

    Granpreneur Michaela Hansen, founder of Granny Aupair, matches older ladies looking for the chance to travel, with families from around the world as ‘granny au pairs’.