• Expat lessons from my five-year-old

    “Rather than going through the motions and just accepting things, without making an effort to change and adapt, you can embrace your inner child and get out there.”

  • From Australia to the Alps

    “Whilst the adoption process took an agonising three and a half years to progress, I planned, once I had my child, to leave London where I’d been for over 20 years and move to Edinburgh to be closer to the mountains.” Pippa Curtis

  • 5 Top Tips for moving abroad with children

    Learning about the new culture and engaging with your new community can help children to adapt and have a smoother transition.

  • Paris: The city of light with children

    Paris is an amazing city for your holidays. If you are headed to the city of lights you need to schedule in some kid-friendly activities. In Paris there are many.

  • Granny au pairs sought for their wisdom and sense of adventure

    Granpreneur Michaela Hansen, founder of Granny Aupair, matches older ladies looking for the chance to travel, with families from around the world as ‘granny au pairs’.

  • 8 great benefits of a family campervan holiday in France

    “Modern motorhomes are light, comfortable and spacious with lots of storage for toys and other essentials.”

  • Visiting Paris with a Baby

    Spanish art historian Almudena Cros took her 5 month old son to Paris to introduce him to some classic art. Here she documents their experience.

  • Free Kids Activities in Paris

    Life after the Paris Attacks: how it affects our everyday life in Bordeaux

    “I’ve been trying to write this post for a few days now but to be honest, I haven’t had the energy or the strength. The attacks of last Friday night have really shaken and shocked me and the rest of France for that matter.”

  • Bilingualism Myth Buster – Children are Sponges!

    “Our kids have gone from being English speakers, to German speakers, to French speakers and now back to English speakers. I realise that this is probably quite unusual, but it has given me some insight into the learning of languages, and what slumbers inside them.”

  • Free Kids Activities in Paris

    Parenting in Paris on a Budget

    Navigating Paris with small children in tow can be quite the challenge.Here are a few free or inexpensive resources recommended by Paris-based Expat mums to help you enjoy the best of parenting in Paris and avoid some of the less fun parts.

  • Top ten problems of growing up multilingual

    Although it may sound to some like a dream, being brought up multilingual can have its downsides. Trilingual journalist Anna Pujol-Mazzini lists ten of the most common problems.

  • Free Kids Activities in Paris

    MumAbroad Life: Opera Singer Valerie Beatson in Paris

    “Well, we know the difference between the Quick “Giant” and a MacDo “Big Mac” now.. as an expat it is a challenge to find a balance between your local culture, making French friends, and finding expat activities.”