• Granny au pairs sought for their wisdom and sense of adventure

    Granpreneur Michaela Hansen, founder of Granny Aupair, matches older ladies looking for the chance to travel, with families from around the world as ‘granny au pairs’.

  • Want to find your perfect swimsuit?

    Wearing a good fitting swimsuit, tankini or bikini is one of the key steps to feeling confident in your beach body. Lucy King, owner of Lottie Lencería, can help you find the perfect fit.

  • Island life

    Having planned her own wedding on the island in 2004, Gemma Bowman relocated to Ibiza permanently to set up Ibiza Wedding, a bespoke wedding planning service. Gemma, who lives on the island with her husband and 2 children, talks to MumAbroad about relocating to Ibiza and daily life on the island.

  • The Italian Taxman and Brexit

    Part 2 of a three part series addressing the role of women in Italian society and the workplace in 2016: bureaucracy, taxes, Brexit and the European Union.

  • Female, foreign and an entrepreneur in Italy

    Part 1 of a three part series addressing the difficulties of going back to work after having children in Italy and the role of women in Italian society and the workplace in 2016.

  • Five ways to keep cool with the kids during a hot Granada summer

    “We wilt, and the children wilt along with us. So, to survive the long Andalucían summer you need to have some strategies for combatting el calor.”

  • Interview with Jeanne Fountain in Mallorca

    “Sometimes life just gives you a big push to throw everything up in the air and make big changes, I like renewal it keeps me fresh and opens me up to new ideas and new avenues.”

  • The Importance of Sleep

    Amelia Hunter shares her journey: her own exhausting experience with a newborn who wouldn’t sleep led her to become a professional Sleep Consultant.

  • Where to find legal advice in English in Madrid

    “Lawyers aren’t just there to sort out the mess, they are there to try and prevent the mess happening in the first place.” Fiona Borthwick – Lawyer

  • 8 great benefits of a family campervan holiday in France

    “Modern motorhomes are light, comfortable and spacious with lots of storage for toys and other essentials.”

  • Creating a climate of questioning

    Headteacher Audrey Reeder looks at the best ways to teach children how to create a dialogue and think creatively about a situation.

  • The uneasy road to bilingualism

    Andrea moved to a small town in the north of Perugia in 2002 with her husband and 2 year old twin daughters. Here she talks about the challenges in bringing up her girls to be bilingual.