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  • Boy on the Edges

    “I stand breathless in the living room, and listen more closely to my son’s voice coming from his room. I’ve never known my eldest to struggle for language. It doesn’t surprise me that his Italian is rough, but I hadn’t expected it would be this painful to listen to.”

  • I am not prepared for this.

    An American in Italy – Michelle Damiani reminds us that as well as the good there are also many hardships that accompany the act of leaving behind language, support, school, and familiar customs.

  • Cultural differences – from an American mom living in Italy

    “…because these children don’t have a hunger to be special, they don’t compare other people to themselves to evaluate their “specialness,” and therefore are able to genuinely appreciate the efforts of others.” Read more about American mum Michelle Damiani’s take on Italian schools.

  • A Place at the Table

    “Here is what is striking about Italian schools, or at least Spellani schools. There are no bullies. There are no bullies. There are no Queen Bees. And there are no outcasts. My eyes fill with tears as I write this, and if you have ever loved a child who has been victim to the caste system inherent in American schools, I think you will understand why I find it so astonishing, and so moving”