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  • Christmas in Madrid

    Christmas markets, Christmas light tours, Christmas nibbles and chocolate & churros….. all the essentials to celebate the festive season in Madrid.

  • London – Ibiza – Barcelona

    “We don’t have a pram – no room in the car – and I like the African mama idea of throwing them on your back and them settling into you. We have a fab sling that works really well for everywhere!” Juliet Murrel, mother, wife and creator of House of Voga

  • 8 Things to do in Paris with Kids this Christmas

    Paris blogger Claudette Parry of Mama Loves Paris offers 8 great ways to enjoy Paris this holiday season with the whole family.

  • A Very Catalan Christmas – The Festive Period in Barcelona

    December has arrived. There’s an abundance of activities across the city, from age-old festive traditions (both weird and wonderful) to innovative pop-up events and plenty of family friendly events this Christmas in Barcelona.

  • Interview with British trained midwife Laura Peña Ortega in Madrid

    “During some time spent in a remote area of the Amazon, I was lucky to witness a natural birth and met with a group of women who were traditional birth attendants. They taught me about their perspective on childbearing and birth. I was hooked from then on.”

  • Interview with pioneer midwife Verena Schmid

    “We focus not on risks but on resources and how to improve them. We apply positive communication to see the best, not the worst. We lead women back to their body and self-knowledge.”

  • Top 10 family homes in Maresme for under €1,000,000

    If you are thinking about buying a family home outside of Barcelona the Maresme coast is a great choice: over 30km of sandy beaches, numerous marinas, 4,000 hectares of protected Natural Parks, a unique microclimate, countless high quality restaurants and its own wine denomination – what more could one ask for?

  • Art therapy in Barcelona

    Jenna Mann talks to MumAbroad Life about her passion for art therapy, how it can help children and the challenges she faces introducing it into schools and health facilities in Spain.

  • Interview Anna Powney in La Mayenne

    “I have always felt at home here geographically but it has taken a while to become integrated socially. The Mayenne is a very rural and traditional area with families who have lived here for generations. The mindset is not very open and change is not on the agenda so the influx of British people into this area gets mixed reactions.”

  • Laura Marcos Bagshaw in Mallorca

    “Since moving here we have had a third daughter. She was born just 4 months ago and she is absolutely delightful! It’s wonderful for us to have a little baby in the family again and her big sisters adore her.”

  • 7 tips to help you take better pictures of your kids

    Mum and photographer Raquel Ferreirinha, who moved from Berlin to Dublin and now lives in Italy in a house on a hill by the Adriatic sea, talks to MumAbroad about how to photograph children.

  • When Family Life is an Adventure

    Linda Martinez and her husband opened The Beehive in 1999: a place where they connect their love of Rome and their own personal passions and interests with their guests and their community.