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    Jane Fraser-Bryan talks about family live in southwest France

    “My advice to families thinking of relocating to France would be to learn some French before coming. For many people this is a huge obstacle. Life can be difficult, even depressing if you cannot get yourself understood or cannot understand something.”

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    All About Reflexology

    Reflexologist Louise Vaughan-Arbuckle talks about how reflexology may aid fertility, how a woman can be helped throughout her pregnancy and how babies and children can benefit from this complementary therapy.

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    8 Things to do in Paris with Kids this Christmas

    Paris blogger Claudette Parry of Mama Loves Paris offers 8 great ways to enjoy Paris this holiday season with the whole family.

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    Interview Anna Powney in La Mayenne

    “I have always felt at home here geographically but it has taken a while to become integrated socially. The Mayenne is a very rural and traditional area with families who have lived here for generations. The mindset is not very open and change is not on the agenda so the influx of British people into this area gets mixed reactions.”

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    7 tips to help you take better pictures of your kids

    Mum and photographer Raquel Ferreirinha, who moved from Berlin to Dublin and now lives in Italy in a house on a hill by the Adriatic sea, talks to MumAbroad about how to photograph children.

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    Nutritionist Mary Brighton

    “Children are growing. They need healthy foods and physical exercise to do this properly. Eating healthily and getting adequate physical activity as a child is an ‘investment’ towards being a healthy adult!”

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    Workplace Customs Around the World

    If you are moving to another country or you are doing business abroad, there are some cultural differences that you will need to take into account. Our partner Cigna Global have created this infographic that will take you through the different workplace customs around the world.

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    From industrial Liverpool via international Monaco to the idyllic French countryside

    Kelly Nowocien talks to MumAbroad Life about the major changes in her life and how they have helped her build a business she is passionate about.

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    Expat lessons from my five-year-old

    “Rather than going through the motions and just accepting things, without making an effort to change and adapt, you can embrace your inner child and get out there.”

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    From Australia to the Alps

    “Whilst the adoption process took an agonising three and a half years to progress, I planned, once I had my child, to leave London where I’d been for over 20 years and move to Edinburgh to be closer to the mountains.” Pippa Curtis

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    5 Top Tips for moving abroad with children

    Learning about the new culture and engaging with your new community can help children to adapt and have a smoother transition.

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    Paris: The city of light with children

    Paris is an amazing city for your holidays. If you are headed to the city of lights you need to schedule in some kid-friendly activities. In Paris there are many.