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    Paola Wright talks about her frustrations with the Italian system

    “Viola doesn’t want me to speak Italian at all. Certainly not in front of her friends. I find this a bit odd! I know some children are embarrassed when their mothers speak Italian as they make mistakes but Italian is my mother tongue!” Paola Wright

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    Family Photographer Elena Kloppenburg in Milan

    “I have always been drawn to portraits, they just interest me more than landscapes or photos without people in them. What I love about the portraits I do is that I get to capture special moments in the life of a family which will will be so precious to someone for a long time.”

  • walk

    Brexit –The Forgotten Ones

    “We all have built lives in the EU. We studied. We did Erasmus. We did work placements. We travelled. Found work. Made friends. Developed careers. Learnt languages. Got married. Gave birth. Put down roots. Bought houses. Pay mortgages. Pay taxes. Chose nurseries. Chose schools. Form integrated parts of our communities. And we continue to do all those things every day, even if our rights in the future are unclear.”

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    Mary Loscerbo in Isolotto, Florence

    “My parents are Italian but I was brought up in Winnipeg, Canada and I often find that when I am with Italians I am more Canadian and when I am with Anglos I find myself to be more Italian.”

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    Boy on the Edges

    “I stand breathless in the living room, and listen more closely to my son’s voice coming from his room. I’ve never known my eldest to struggle for language. It doesn’t surprise me that his Italian is rough, but I hadn’t expected it would be this painful to listen to.”

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    Be the Key!

    Anja Johanna Cucinotta, living in Milan with her son, is a mother, coach, trainer in personal development and author who is passionate about living life in a more authentic fashion.

  • gubbio

    Rural Life and Renovation

    “My first experience of having a baby in Italy was horrific! I did a fairly basic antenatal course (one of the first ever offered in our local town). It seemed rather outdated compared to the information provided in the books I was reading from the UK.”

  • Christmas at Holker Hall 2009

    “It is starting to feel a lot like Christmas”

    “On the night before December 13th, excitement is off the radar amongst most children in Lombardy. They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Lucia to bring them gifts provided they have been well behaved all year, otherwise it’s a piece of coal instead!”

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    A Calabrian Christmas: let the eating begin!

    “For the Calabrese, food is life. When they aren’t eating, they are thinking about, or planning their next meal. Christmas time in Calabria is like heaven on a plate.”

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    Interview with pioneer midwife Verena Schmid

    “We focus not on risks but on resources and how to improve them. We apply positive communication to see the best, not the worst. We lead women back to their body and self-knowledge.”

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    Raising Children in Italy – 6 ways I am not like the average Italian mother

    “When I go home to visit my family in Australia they tell me I have become more Italian when it comes to parenting, yet when I am in Italy parents tell me that I am very Australian. I guess I have adapted a little and I am a bit in the middle.”

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    7 tips to help you take better pictures of your kids

    Mum and photographer Raquel Ferreirinha, who moved from Berlin to Dublin and now lives in Italy in a house on a hill by the Adriatic sea, talks to MumAbroad about how to photograph children.