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    Paola Wright talks about her frustrations with the Italian system

    “Viola doesn’t want me to speak Italian at all. Certainly not in front of her friends. I find this a bit odd! I know some children are embarrassed when their mothers speak Italian as they make mistakes but Italian is my mother tongue!” Paola Wright

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    Making Progress

    “So, I can look back and take comfort in the knowledge that she had lived a full life, based on her core principles of equality and compassion and had continually appreciated the numerous liberties afforded to her. But of course, this does not ever take away the sadness I feel of simply not having her around.” MumAbroad co-founder Carrie Frais

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    Brexit –The Forgotten Ones

    “We all have built lives in the EU. We studied. We did Erasmus. We did work placements. We travelled. Found work. Made friends. Developed careers. Learnt languages. Got married. Gave birth. Put down roots. Bought houses. Pay mortgages. Pay taxes. Chose nurseries. Chose schools. Form integrated parts of our communities. And we continue to do all those things every day, even if our rights in the future are unclear.”

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    Jane Fraser-Bryan talks about family live in southwest France

    “My advice to families thinking of relocating to France would be to learn some French before coming. For many people this is a huge obstacle. Life can be difficult, even depressing if you cannot get yourself understood or cannot understand something.”

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    Mary Loscerbo in Isolotto, Florence

    “My parents are Italian but I was brought up in Winnipeg, Canada and I often find that when I am with Italians I am more Canadian and when I am with Anglos I find myself to be more Italian.”

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    Be the Key!

    Anja Johanna Cucinotta, living in Milan with her son, is a mother, coach, trainer in personal development and author who is passionate about living life in a more authentic fashion.

  • gubbio

    Rural Life and Renovation

    “My first experience of having a baby in Italy was horrific! I did a fairly basic antenatal course (one of the first ever offered in our local town). It seemed rather outdated compared to the information provided in the books I was reading from the UK.”

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    Homeschooling, football and fashion

    “The idea of being homeschooled wasn’t anything scary to me; it just felt like changing schools. Then my parents started to research it and the more information they found about it the better homeschooling seemed.”

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    Esperança: giving hope to Barcelona’s homeless

    Originally from Liverpool in England Julie Stephenson moved to Barcelona on a whim 13 years ago. Now she runs Esperança, a charity that helps the homeless.

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    Christmas on the Road

    “As Christmas approaches, we’re still not sure how the day will play out this year. We won’t have piles of presents under the tree nor Christmas parties to go to, but we will be together and we will be making new, wonderful memories and traditions.”

  • voga

    London – Ibiza – Barcelona

    “We don’t have a pram – no room in the car – and I like the African mama idea of throwing them on your back and them settling into you. We have a fab sling that works really well for everywhere!” Juliet Murrel, mother, wife and creator of House of Voga

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    Wife Goes On

    “Several months after my husband had died I saw a show about a family living abroad called House Hunters International. They had moved to a beautiful little village outside of Barcelona, one of my favorite places on earth. The little pueblo of Sitges was right along the sea and boasted a lively town center along with an incredible expat community representing people from all over the globe.”